Friday, 23 August 2013

Soul Sister

I don't have the words to describe our friendship. All I know is today , when I look back upon my life, at every stage, in every moment be it joy , triumph , sorrow -- I always find her by my side, through thick and thin. They say, the world is beautiful, but to me it seems lovely when she is there to see it with me. The moments seem more lively when she is there to laugh and enjoy with me. Sorrow and failure seem like nothing when she is there as my pillar of support. There are times when I am silent and yet she has this wonderful ability to read my eyes and unearth the deepest secrets of my heart. There are times when her one assuring look gives me all the strength I need in the world, times when her trust and care make me feel special.There are simple moments in life which become magical when we are together. Every time she reaches out for my hand , she ends up touching my heart. This post is  let her know how much she means to me.. She is the sister that God forgot to give me. She understands me like nobody else can and does. She is that one person who I know will always be there to turn my tears into a smile. We met as toddlers in school who were lost in innocence and that is where began that began a friendship with purity as its essence. We have been poles apart, I being the creative type and she the sport fanatic. I could talk for hours together and she had the patience to hear it all without once interrupting. Yet, best friends we are.

I always enjoyed going to school because I knew, we would enjoy the day together. Today, as I pursue my dream to become a doctor and she, her love for machines, I think back about those eighteen years of friendship. A friendship that might have perished at the school’s farewell like it did for many. But over these years, I find that despite the distance the friendship has not only remained it has further flourished. The ties kept strengthening deep down under and I realized why it is said that the distance only makes the heart grow fonder. I now wait for the weekends to catch up. We have managed to learn to squeeze the week’s talks in a couple of hours. Within my book of memories there are special moments, all the many nice things she often says and does. As I turn the pages and recall each single thought, I realize the happiness that knowing her has brought. There are memories of the times we've shared, bright and sunny days. There are memories of her kindness, her friendly thoughtful ways. There are memories of all those classes, memories of times when we (actually I) would talk for hours. When I recall these memories, as I go along life's way, I find these memories grow more precious every passing day. Truly, my soul sister, she is. Best friends forever.

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